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Infinity Insurance Company is a top leader in quality insurance services and products. The original name was
Dixie Insurance Company but changed to Infinity in 1992. This company has been successful since 1950 but
the auto insurance sector of their business formed in 2002. Licensed to serve across the United States, Infinity’
s headquarters are located in Birmingham, Alabama.  

Infinity specializes in non-standard auto insurance for high risk drivers. In fact, it’s the one of the largest writers
of non-standard policies through independent agents. Non-standard auto insurance is an option for
inexperienced drivers or those with specific needs such as those requiring
Florida FR44 insurance for DUI.
Infinity also offers other types of coverage such as standard, preferred personal auto and classic collector.

One of the unique attributes about Infinity is their offer of a
classic car insurance policy, which began in 1992.
Benefits include coverage of additional classic cars and agreed value coverage or best probable coverage.
Payment is made for any parts on your classic cars that are damaged or stolen. Your vehicles value won’t be
depreciated. Classic cars include specialty cars such as exotics, antiques, street rods and muscle cars.

There are three types of policy plans that Infinity offers to drivers. They include a basic coverage low cost
policy, value-added and premier. Rates are usually higher for drivers with traffic violations on their record so
the low cost policy might be their affordable option. The value added policy might be for you if there’s one or
two violations on your record and you want increased limits. The premier policy is for drivers that don’t have
any violations and want broad coverage.

Information that’s collected about you is kept with Infinity. It’s used for issuing policies or settling claims.
Information may be shared if permitted by law to specific people or organizations such as medical
professionals, government agencies or adjusters, appraisers and investigators. Infinity doesn’t use or share
personally identifiable health information about you. They respect your right to privacy and will not disclose this
information unless it’s requested by law or you gave your written consent. Your health information is only used
for underwriting your policy or claim.

The A.M. Best Company is an independent rating agency that rates companies worldwide. This company
measures the rating of a company by its financial strengths and capacity to meet its promise to customers.
They rate Infinity Insurance Company in the top 15th insurance stocks.
Standard & Poor is another company
that rates the financial strength of companies. It gave Infinity a strong rating for financial strength.

Infinity understands that customer satisfaction is a primary component in their success. That’s one reason they
provide an excellent work environment for their more than 1900 employees. There are also over 12,500
independent online insurance providers that strive to meet your needs and uphold Infinity’s long history of
excellent customer service. These strategic partners will assist you and provide the company's high standards
of commitment and dedication to their customers.

The excellent corporate culture or environment of Infinity Insurance Company enhances employee productivity.
The management is very supportive and goes the extra mile to help their employees stay focused on the
customer. Infinity doesn’t use intimidation but promotes integrity, honesty, respect, achievement and teamwork.
Infinity offers a variety of career opportunities. These include accounting/finance, information systems,
customer service, claims and business development and marketing. Search for current opening on the search
menu of the
Infinity careers website. Click on apply link on the right side of the job position.

Infinity sponsors a program called
Read Conmigo. It involves providing parents with tools such as bilingual
children’s books. Hispanic families will receive a free bilingual children’s book each month when they sign up for
Read Conmigo’s Club Read. Infinity is one of the companies that realize the importance of supporting the
Spanish language and developing bi-literacy or learning how to read two languages.

Infinity Insurance Company consistently receives high ratings for financial strength by reputable companies,
which show they have the ability to pay out a claim. Their long history of success proves they’re a reliable
company that can be depended on for your insurance needs. This company has an information service online
that’s available 24 a day. Independent agents trust Infinity.
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